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Dr. Excuse Q & A

The dr. note that you can download, personalize and print out at home is a valuable tool that can save a great deal of time and money. Of course, first-time users have concerns, and with that in mind, we present to you the five most common questions concerning blank doctors’ notes.

Got a doctor's excuse question? Yep, you're not alone. Most people have a minimum of 5 questions they are just burning to ask...

Common Questions about Printable Excuse Notes

1. Are doctor note templates illegal?

No, templates and fake notes are not inherently illegal. Using them may be illegal. It depends heavily on the law in your area, the mode of use and the circumstances. It is worth noting that many organizations demand these notes with an authority that they do not have. Just because work or school demands something does not mean that you are legally required to give it to them. Check with your local, state, and federal statutes in regards to legality.

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2. Can my school or employer demand a note?

Yes, generally there is no law preventing them from requesting it. As mentioned above, this does not mean that you have to comply. The important question is, is the fight worth it? If fighting for your rights results in the loss of your job, than a printable doctor’s excuse seems like a much better solution.

3. Can work or school call the doctor to verify the note?

Yes, they can call the doctor to verify the note, but they cannot request any personal information. This makes it difficult for them to confirm details on the note, but they can confirm the note itself. Many people create notes from multi-doctor environments, such as hospitals, because confirmation is more difficult then.

4. Are fake doctor notes authentic?

The answer to this depends entirely on the note and the level of personalization. If you choose an appropriate note and personalize it properly, then the doctor’s note will be authentic and will stand up to scrutiny. Vanity and gag notes, on the other hand, are not authentic.

5. How do I create an authentic note?

In order to create the most authentic doctor’s note possible the first step is careful consideration. Take your time. Mull over your circumstances. Then, choose a template accordingly. The more customization possibilities the note provides the better. It also helps to weather the note so that it doesn’t look too perfect. Keep in mind that the personal touches are what will sell it.