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Thinking of a Doctor Excuse?

Doctor's Notes Explained...

A doctor excuse is a signed document from a medical professional that meets some requirement. A student may require one for his day off or an employee may require one for her paid sick day. Another common use is physicals for insurance, employment and physical activities that you pay for. All of these reasons point to one core reason: avoiding the cost of an actual medical visit.

The most common type of replica note is the blank printable doctor’s note. These notes are available on the Web. You simply download them, print them out, and sign them where appropriate.

What are Doctor Excuse Notes?

Usually these are copies of actual notes used by real doctors. They are very convenient and usually free or very low cost. The only downside to these notes is that they give you limited customization options.

Some notes will undergo scrutiny, and the key to making a note look authentic is the fine touches. In other words, we need to be able to have our personal information on the note, including our name and text message that actually deals with our specific circumstances. This is where doctors’ notes templates are handy. Templates are like the blank notes describe above but provide much more flexibility.

Doctors's Excuse?  Instant Download!

The main downside to this type of note is making the doctor’s signature and the text message look authentic. Otherwise, it simply won’t pass even the most basic inspection. So the most advanced type of doctor’s note template has an editor that allows you to manipulate it and configure it. They even allow you to add text messages, which the system will integrate in script rather than the standard type.

Perhaps the most common use for fake dr. notes occurs at work, such as for sick days. Employers will often require notes from non-salary personnel prior to awarding the paid sick day. The obvious problem with this is that the cost of the doctor’s visit can neutralize much of the sick pay. Fake dr. notes are also commonly used for school, in order to avoid the child being penalized for an unexcused absence. The third most common use is for meeting requirements for physical activities and insurance.